I started a master program in IT one year ago, which was supposed to end in 2014. Realizing that it was not really heading anywhere, I recently switched to another one in the same general field (Computer Science before, Social Media & Web Technologies now). I feel much better now and am confident that the rest of my studies will go as planned, the only problem being that I will graduate in 2015 instead of the expected 2014. How do I handle that on my resumé?

Do I:

  • Write "2012 - 2013: Master in Computer Science, 2013 - 2015: Master in SMWT", probably adding some note to mention that I didn't actually get the first degree;

  • Ignore last year, going straight from my 2009 - 2012 bachelor to my 2013 - 2015 master;

  • Regroup both master under the same line, as in "2012 - 2015: Master in SMWT";

  • Some other solution?


Forget about the year you started and just list the year(s) you graduated [1]:

MS. in SMWT (2015), BS. in CS (2012)

Also, have a good answer ready, in case someone asks about it in an interview. Saying that you started out in one are, but then saw that "it wasn't a good fit for me" and at the same time you became interested in this other area, and so you then "took the initiative" and switched, that should be fine.

[1] As mentioned in the answers to a previous post: How could I explain a 2 year gap in obtaining a degree due to dropping out and then returning?

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    Yep, this is the answer. I get a lot of CVs to look at and it's rather uncommon to see anything other than a year of graduation in the education section. People do such a mix of full-time and part-time study these days that the number of years taken to gain a degree really isn't particularly relevant or interesting. – Carson63000 Oct 5 '13 at 22:47

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