I'm a senior developer in an advertising company, which due to current economic situations I faced various problems with them.

  • First : We have a delayed monthly payment which causes many problems.

  • Second: They have set of punishment rules for employees, for example starting the working hours is 8 and if I go to work after 8:45 they record that as an absents and will double it if I don't go to work, meaning they will cut a day of my monthly payment and will cut another extra day for punishment if I don't go to work that day.

  • Third: There is no promising project or future for the company the way I see and I won't see any progress until a great change happens to the management.

I have interviewed another company which sounds promising and they have more benefits for me as a developer, but I don't know for sure that it won't be like the current company after a while.

They told me: "you have to quit from the current position (which is a CTO) first, then we will sign a contract with you, otherwise there wouldn't be any co-operation".

FYI: The current company won't let me leave easily and there would be a fight between us, and I probably should go to law institute for that, and new employer know that.

That's the situation I'm in right now. What should I do in this kind of situation?


Should I quit my job for before signing contract with another employer?


Rule of Thumb: Do not quit unless you have a written and signed agreement for the next employment.

Any verbal discussion / assurance is not good enough to be held as true. There is no legal credibility of any verbal commitment made by any individual (whether in a personal capacity of on behalf of an organization) - that can be changed / denied at any point of time unilaterally. Do not rely on this.


If they expect you to quit your job before making you a written offer, it's utter nonsense. You probably don't want to have anything to do with them. Run and keep looking for other opportunities.

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    And possibly leave a nice Glassdoor review about the experience. – Prasad Raghavendra Dec 9 '19 at 17:21
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    Exactly. I've never heard of this. It sounds like they want to make you desperate for a job so will accept a lower salary or worse working conditions. Major red flag. – Iain Holder Dec 9 '19 at 18:32

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