I recently applied for a freelancing project. The employer contacted me saying:

Could you please send examples of your work with SDK and XML files?

What am I supposed to provide him? A piece of my code or a video of my project or something else? What should one provide a potential client or a potential employer when they ask for samples?

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They probably just want to see your style of coding. How do you write your code, do you use inline comments, consistency in naming variables/methods etc., and maybe, if possible from a sample, see if your level is what they want/expect it to be.

I wouldn't sweat to much about it. Just send them some code you are proud to 'show off with' that gives a clear image of what your coding style is.


It sounds like they want to see some sample code. The wording is strange, maybe that request originates from an HR department not from a software developer. Anyway, they are asking for a small sample of compilable code.

If you have code that you can disclose for example a private project working with XML and some SDK, you can send that. It would also be a welcome opportunity to ask them what tools they use so you can send a sample best suited to their compiler/language/toolchain.

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