Recently I came across one of my friend's experiences while he was under his notice period with the HR manager of the company. I need an HR professional's advice or people with good knowledge on the same.

Here is the incident:

The relieving letter and the experience certificates were printed out on a normal, low-quality A4 sized paper, and that's not even on a pre-printed company letter pad (Letterhead).

Many of his friends working in other firms abroad and local, advised him it's better to get it printed on the company Letterhead using bond excel papers.

Can anyone working in the HR provide some recommendations regarding this?

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    Dec 31, 2019 at 6:23
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In many of the cases, these documents are provided as soft-copies, and not necessarily in a printed version.

In my experience, what matters is the authenticity of the document, since this is not to serve as a proper legal document per se (rather, an informational one), it really does not matter what type of material is used for a printed copy.

If and when challenged / inquired (example: background check), it should be possible to establish the correctness of the information - that's all matters.

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