Basically I was an intern and the only employee at the company so I was the only front office staff. I was there to open and close the office when the boss couldn't, I would welcome and give information to potential new customers, etc And the company did gain many new customers thanks to me Id like to say Now I don't how to say it on my resume I was thinking about something like : 'Intern at XXX company - participated in the growth of a newly established company'

Thank you for your help


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You want to QUANTIFY everything, and put it in the form of C.A.R. stories

Challenge Action Resort.

"While I was an intern at XYZ company, we were short staffed, so I took on the additional responsibilities of opening and closing the office, and received customers when the CEO was unavailable. Due to this, I was able to increase our client base by 20%"

Or something like that. Or, as writers say, "Show, don't tell". You want to be able to demonstrate the benefit you gave them.


I think you say HOW you helped the growth, and by how much, especially if it is quantifiable.

Was reliably the main customer contact in the office, greeting and giving customer information on llama grooming and how Llamas-R-Us could provide efficient service. While I was at Llamas-R-Us, we grew on average by 40 customers a month and my boss said that 25 of them were directly because of my help, that he was only growing by about 15 customers a month before hiring me.

Only say that if it is true, of course.


Here's how to think about this incredibly valuable experience. Claim, then proof.

Claim: I can sell. Proof: I convinced callers to the office to become customers, resulting in 20% sales growth.

Claim: I deal well with the public. Proof: the business thrived partially because I served as its telephone voice.

Claim: I do what needs to be done. Proof: During my internship, I took the initiative to answer the telephone when the owner wasn't available.

You obviously will word this in your own way.

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