I have a friend asking about their software career during issue working in a current company.

The company is very small developer 2 contractors and 2 full staff (including CTO). My friend wasn't a high pay contractor. Its really underpay but tried gain some experience. He personally lacking confidence.

Currently the staff working hard out and very late but my friend was tried but lack of energy to do it very late.

Issue he found was he hard to follow their context. They gave you a Task but no guidance of what it should be and database was not fully explain to my friend especially when dealing with business logics and no interface layout etc. He can code but lacking knowledge of the business logics behind.

Are all software company are like this?

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    Are all software company are like this? No – Kilisi Feb 26 '20 at 21:28

No, they're not. A good company will invest the time to ensure you know what to do and how to do it, in order to get the most from it's employees.

There are several warnings here that show that this company is struggling (no growth, long hours, low pay) and I assume at least some of the reason for that is the problems you've listed. Apply for a new job with a company that is growing and can afford to pay the market rate, because they've probably got better processes and management.

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