I applied to a position and I lied on my CV.

YES I know it is wrong. But this question is not about judging the morals of having lied but the other way around, i.e. how to fix what I have done wrongly. So please do not answer to tell me I did something wrong because I know it already.

The lie is like this: In one of my previous work experiences, I changed the name of the company. Let's say, I was making milkshakes at a hamburgers restaurant, and I changed the name of the company to a pizza company, where I was doing exactly the same milkshakes with the same environment, same conditions etc. Just a different restaurant.

The reason why I did this is because in the application form they were asking how long I was working at a pizza place. But the job is clearly to make milkshakes. So I changed my CV So that I could say I was working 2 years at a pizza place instead of saying 0. Because at that moment, I wrongly judged this could boost my application.

Now they have contacted me and we have an scheduled interview.

What is the least horrible way to fix this issue? I think when they will ask about my experience at the pizza company I will say it was just 1 day per week and actually I was not very involved in that pizza restaurant, I spent most of my time in a hamburger restaurant. Otherwise, if I say upfront I lied, I am totally out of the application process I guess? However, I am out of the game if I do not reveal the lie because if they would hire me, they might find out sooner or later that I was lying.

Any ideas?

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    There are a few dozen duplicate questions here. I won't tag this as a duplicate, because looking at a few questions will probably give you better answers than if I were to link 1. You could then delete this question to pre-empt the closing... – Mars Feb 28 at 8:40
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    Thank you for the feedback. And let me disagree since there are many questions about lying in CVs, however I can see each question has its own details that make them radically different. So I do not consider it duplicate as just "lying on CV" does not mean the question and answers are the same. As the context of the lying on CV can be extremely different. – Worker Feb 28 at 8:46
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if I say upfront I lied...


how to fix what I did wrong

Well, you cannot "fix" anything. You can only lower the damage, if you are lucky.

The not-so-good solution

If you lied only once in the CV, in only one place, you can claim that you made a mistake in the name of the place, unintentionally. While they are likely to not believe, they cannot really prove it either, if you have a good reason to explain the mistake. Maybe you had two jobs, maybe there was some celebration at the pizza place just before you updated the CV...

This solution still requires bending the truth, but it is not as blatant as the other one. You will most likely look (at least) kind of stupid. And you still lie.

The better solution

Just admit to the providing the wrong information, wishing to increase your apparent value. Cross fingers and hope for the best. Last minute sincerity might do you some good.

The best solution (not applicable for this job application)

NEVER ever lie in your CV.

Alternative solution

The other way, which (most likely) will help you avoid all problems is to cancel the application entirely before the interview. Of course you will not get this job this time at this place, but at least you will not become famous in the area for lying in the CV. You can apply again in a few months, making sure you do not lie.

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    Thanks! Exactly. That's why I mentioned the "less horrible" way to handle this. So I am aware I can only lower the damage. Other than that the problem is that the name of the company I lied about is exactly in the industry they wanted... to is not like a random change in the name. So it would be spotted as a lie quite quick I believe. I am not sure how to lower the damage – Worker Feb 28 at 9:07
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    There is this universal law: to each action there is a reaction. You lied. Something is bound to happen. Luck is a very important factor now. – virolino Feb 28 at 9:08
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    True. I think luck plays a huge role right now. Let's see what happens in the interview. I think it might be they do not ask precise questions about a precise position. But if they ask me precise questions about this position, basically I am screwed up. Saying "Sorry... I must to admit I did not work at that company. I was working at another similar company" would disqualify me... – Worker Feb 28 at 10:04

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