I have a question in mind for few months

Is degree (university,college or certificate) really important?

I'm doing projects of web development and no one ask for Degree or GPA

But i faced most of time that clients ask for github/stackoverflow profile

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    Why is this attracting downvotes? – Mars Mar 5 at 1:55
  • @Mars Seems almost (if not quite) trollish. – Ernest Friedman-Hill Mar 5 at 2:18
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    @ErnestFriedman-Hill Why? It's actually a very common question for those considering web-dev. It could be worded better and is likely a duplicate, but I see nothing trollish here – Mars Mar 5 at 3:08
  • @ErnestFriedman-Hill It's come up on Meta Stack Overflow a few times too (not by the OP). This may not match your personal experience in job hunting but it's not a troll question. – BSMP Mar 5 at 6:15
  • @Mars I think people are voting to express disagreement with the premise or because there isn't enough information to give a good answer (location, industry, etc). As far as duplicates go, I haven't seen one that asks about both SO and GitHub but there's one for just SO: workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/145913/… – BSMP Mar 5 at 6:15

Different things will be more or less important to different hiring managers (or clients). Ultimately, this question isn't directly answerable. Some people hiring in some fields care very much about degrees. Some people making hiring decisions don't even know what Stack Overflow is. Others who do know won't really care. And so on.

That said, it's important to focus on your own, personal plan, and the good news is, you can follow a process to answer this question for yourself:

  • Determine the type of work you want to do
  • Find out what's important to decision makers controlling that type of work
  • Make a plan to get those things or reach those achievements, if you haven't already done so
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    +1. If you don't have a degree then what does "yes, it's important" get you? Instead figure out what you need to do to get the jobs you want. – mxyzplk - SE stop being evil Mar 4 at 19:20
  • thanks helpful for me – Faizan Sadiq Mar 5 at 6:40

When job hunting, often some things are binary and somethings are qualitative.

You can filter out candidates easily based on if they have a degree or not.

You can compare candidates based on their github/experience. You can also compare by GPA, but that's generally not very useful for someone who has been working for X years.

Note that often a degree is assumed and a requirement. It's not uncommon to get dropped later in the interview process when the other side realizes you don't have a (relevant) degree.

Another note would be if you ever wish to work internationally--here a degree is often a very concrete requirement for a visa.

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  • yeah i understand but is degree define someone who he really? – Faizan Sadiq Mar 5 at 6:47
  • can a piece of paper define someone abilities?? – Faizan Sadiq Mar 5 at 6:48
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    @FaizanSadiq A degree isn't a piece of paper, a degree is something meant to show that "this person completed what we believe to be all of the requirements to demonstrate knowledge in X field." I'm not saying I agree, I'm not saying it's actually that important--I'm just saying that it's generally treated as something binary (yes or no) and assumed that applicants in the field of CS have. – Mars Mar 5 at 7:28

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