I accepted a job offer with a start date of March 30th 2020. I gave my company notice March 10th, we mutually agreed my last day would be March 13th because my workload was very light and they were just about to start me on 2 new big projects. I found out today March 25th my job offer was rescinded due to Covid virus, economy etc, and they will not know future plans for a couple of months. Does anyone know if I can get unemployment? I dont want to go crawling back to old employer because they know I wasnt happy there however my old boss was the best. I just needed to get back to my old industry and my old passion. Do I need to request anything in writing from the company which rescinded the offer? Location is Chicago area US

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    Does this answer your question? Can I file for unemployment due to Covid-19 start date push back? – Gregory Currie Mar 26 at 2:29
  • "I dont want to go crawling back to old employer" I wouldn't either, but I'd at least consider it. Sometimes the right thing to do is to swallow pride, admit you're in a tough situation and ask if they have anything available. If your old boss thinks as favourably about you as you do about him, you may have a fair chance. – berry120 Mar 26 at 22:25