English is my second language. I have strong technical skills, good English reading and writing, but my spoken English could use some improvement. I rarely get a callback after a phone interview because of my spoken English communication. I am working to improve my spoken English, but in the meantime .

I want to find ways to get past phone interviews.

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    I think this is closer to what you're asking Emilio -- I work in a country where I need to interview in another language as well. Good luck with your search!
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    Related question - probably not a duplicate though.
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How can I improve at phone interviews in a second language?

If you are sure that your English language skills are the thing holding you back (rather than the lack of other skills), then there is no good way to "get past" the phone interviews without improving your English skills. And the way to improve at anything is to practice.

Do you have English-speaking friends?

Perhaps they would be willing to talk with you on the phone on occasion, provide feedback, and help you improve. Have them play the part of the interviewer, while you practice interviewing.

Record your practices, and play them back to see how you sound.

Listen to English-language radio/television/podcasts. Repeat what you are hearing.


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