Our company asked us to work from home due to COVID things. I am an R&D, my work is mostly programming. My boss asked us to provide a daily update, What is the best way to give my boss a daily based update? What software would you recommend? I would like to be a bit creative and assure my boss that I am working well, so looking for your suggestion guys.

Our company uses Microsoft Team for meetings and communication.

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    This is not the time or situation to be creative. If there is an obvious way to do it, use that. If not, ask your boss. The boss will be able to work more efficiently if all subordinate reports come through the same channel. – Patricia Shanahan Apr 19 at 21:43
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    Why creative, what's wrong with a paragraph long email? – Tymoteusz Paul Apr 19 at 21:55
  • When I asked he told a brief update that what we are doing. He did not tell any details. – nikki Apr 20 at 1:50
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    OK, so give him a brief update on what you're doing. What's the difficulty? – joeqwerty Apr 20 at 12:01
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    How did you share that information with your boss before working from home ? face to face ? email ? chat ? – Max Apr 20 at 13:05

You should ask your boss what the preferred format for your situation should be.

Here's the format I asked everyone on my team to send me each week.

1) What I worked on this week:

I'm just looking for bullet items here. The basics of what you have done for the week. I don't need to know how many hours you spent on things, just what you were doing.

For example:

  • Wrote Test Plan for new Zerble Suite 7.0 feature XXX
  • Completed testing of Framis 3.2 SR6 using AB&T database
  • Attended planning meeting for Zerble Suite 8.0
  • etc, etc

2) What I plan to work on next week:

Again, just the basics. I'm looking to see what is on your plate for the upcoming week.

3) Unplanned Activities:

This will help me better keep track of progress on our schedules versus all the other activities we participate in.

This should include:

  • any work not normally part of your weekly routine
  • any work on customer or hitlist problems
  • any work helping out other teams
  • basically anything not directly involved with QA, testing, creating test cases, etc for the upcoming scheduled release(s)

4) Time away next week:

Please tell me if you are expecting to be out of the office during the upcoming week. I don't need to know too much detail here, just when you won't be here, and a general reason as to why.

For example:

  • Vacation day Tuesday, February 10

5) Issues and Concerns

Anything I should know about. If there's anything getting in the way of your work, here's where you can note it.

For example:

  • Memory upgrade on Bigtest server has been delayed. Without the additional memory, my load testing cannot be completed.
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  • where they share this report? My boss asked for a daily update. – nikki Apr 20 at 0:17
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    @nikki you “share” it by email or drop a text file into teams - having it carved into a stone slab and delivered is not very effective... – Solar Mike Apr 20 at 5:20
  • @nikki We use a simple shared OneNote table - shared via Teams. The little table has a row for each employee. Everyone adds his "last week" and "next week" bullet points. For every week we add a new table. Has to be filled out by friday, when we do our standup. For daily use just adjust accordingly...You should most certainly not spend hours to sum up what you did each day, else you'll have nothing to sum up. – Jessica Apr 20 at 8:38
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    @nikki But your takeaway from this answer should not be "do it like Joe did," it should be "ask your manager how he wants it, format and channel, and he should give you an answer like this." – mxyzplk - SE stop being evil Apr 20 at 19:07

For a daily report, the format of the Daily Stand Up in Scrum works reasonably well

  • What have you completed since the last meeting?
  • What do you plan to complete by the next meeting?
  • What is getting in your way?

It it takes you more than 10 minutes to prepare it feels excessive for a daily report.

If you want to get creative set up a shared document. Spreadsheet works well here (Excel or Google Sheets). One row per day (newest on top), one column per questions. Each day just add a row at the top and fill in the three questions. All information is in one spot and it's consistent from day to week to month. You can add columns for more higher level planning as needed.

See https://www.agilealliance.org/glossary/three-qs/#q=~(infinite~false~filters~(postType~(~'page~'post~'aa_book~'aa_event_session~'aa_experience_report~'aa_glossary~'aa_research_paper~'aa_video)~tags~(~'three*20questions))~searchTerm~'~sort~false~sortDirection~'asc~page~1)

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