So I have been contacted on LinkedIn by a recruiter for an open position of his client. After the first calls, I've decided to apply for that position and sent him my CV, I also got positive feedback that the potential company wants a first interview with me. So far, so good.

Now the recruiter is contacting the company to schedule a time for an interview, however, weeks have passed without any proceeding forward. I have emailed the (3rd party) recruiter a week ago asking for the status, and he told me that he has been very busy and could not schedule a time yet. Now another week has passed again.

Is it okay to call and ask for them to hurry up? I have another application process nearing the end, and it would be rude to let them wait for too long. At the same time I don't want to quit the application process with the recruiter before the very first interview.


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Yes, you must. Nothing waits forever.

If the recruiter said they are busy with priorities, that can mostly mean two (or three) things:

  • The advertised position is no longer available, and the recruiter is trying to see if a similar one opens up in the same organization or other.
  • They simply did not have an actual opening, that communication was just to take your info and then try finding something that matches up your resume.
  • They have better paying jobs, for which the commission / payout will be higher and to ensure those process runs smooth, your application is taking a backseat.

Either way, they are stalling you (which would be bad for them also, should they had an actual job opening) - call them up and ask for a date for interview. Nothing good can come for you by waiting for them to get back without a defined deadline.

Also, make progress with other offers if you have them. Do not bank upon this one only (unless that's the only option you've got).

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    Yes, no point waiting
    – Kilisi
    Aug 24, 2020 at 10:48
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    Note that in any of these cases, I'd tend not to continue business with that recruiter. Aug 24, 2020 at 16:46

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