I live in the Netherlands.

If you have 2 jobs, and one of them is done remotely (so you are able to work from home while you are sick) but you have to call in sick for the other job that is not remotely, is it possible to work for just one of the two?

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    They are independent jobs, what is the problem? – Sourav Ghosh Sep 3 at 15:23
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    When in doubt, contact the HR department of the company where you can work remote. – Mark Rotteveel Sep 3 at 15:30
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    Check your labour laws. In France, that would be illegal, as you receive compensation from the social security services on sick days. – Aserre Sep 3 at 15:48
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    Either you are sick and cannot work or you are healthy and can! – Bernhard Döbler Sep 3 at 16:25
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    You can do almost any job with a fever, but you shouldn't. If you are sick then don't work either job. – sf02 Sep 3 at 17:53

I mean, Job A isn't going to have the attendance data of Job B, given that they're seperate companies. If you're self-isolating for any reason including COVID-19, that's a reason to be available for the remote position but not the non-remote one

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