In my CV, where I state my skills (e.g. programming languages, software etc.) I also want to add my proficiency level (beginner, advanced, expert or something like that). Also I want to design them in 3 columns.

Does it look better if I have more skills listed under 'expert' or under 'beginner' or is it best to have everywhere the same amount of skills.


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Don't do it.

I've seen people use star ratings and other numbering schemes, but these are pointless since they're so subjective.

I know that you're a graphic designer, but you should really keep your resume layout simple for computers. Many times, you'll have to cut and paste the text of your resume into a web form, and at other times, your resume will be scanned and OCR will be used to deciper what it says.

  • Aye. Whenever I see "Expert - [Skill I've spent 10 years mastering]", my first thought is always 'yeah, we'll see about that'.
    – Kaz
    Feb 7, 2021 at 12:49
  • Everything Stephan says is totally correct (1) completely forget the 3-column idea (2) it's a fact that the resumes of graphic designers should be as ridiculously boring plain text as anyone else. this comes up often on this site and has been covered many times. completely forget the idea of a "designy" resume.
    – Fattie
    Feb 7, 2021 at 14:39

"I don't care about your 'skills.'" I can quickly show you what you need to know to work at my place of business. Of far more importance to me is your human skills: how well you work with a team, are you a "lone wolf," will you take direction, attention to detail, leaves politics at home, and so on.

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