I have an offer from a company. The company say that they offer a relocation package which includes help with finding an apartment, and reimbursement for costs such as flight, luggage etc. There is no mention of relocation support for housing costs (i.e. rent, deposit). Is it okay to ask them if they can loan me the costs for the first month's rent? Or am I risking the offer being retracted by making them think I am not grateful they offered a relocation package?

  • I presume you are still young and at the start of your career? It's normal to not have savings when you start out.
    – Benjamin
    Jun 26 at 12:03
  • @Benjamin Yes this would be my first full time position after university. I had an internship between now and then. I already responded to the relocation offer that asked if it would work for me by saying that I am grateful for the opportunity and the help, thanking them for offering the relocation package and saying that I appreciate it and that it will be very helpful. I chickened out on asking them if they could loan me money in the form of my salary, for the first month's rent and maybe the deposit too. It would be my first permanent job and I am terrified of losing it by asking questions.
    – Sa2
    Jun 26 at 12:14

Just be honest with them.

Tell them that you are very grateful for the opportunity and the help, and since you need to pay the new deposit before you will get the old one back you want to ask them to loan you some money.

This way, you make sure that they understnad that you are happy about the transfer and also explain why you need the money.

  • Thanks. I have a few things to mention. There is no old deposit, and what do you mean by transfer?
    – Sa2
    Jun 25 at 13:03
  • Wait, by transfer do you mean going to work for the new company?
    – Sa2
    Jun 25 at 13:05
  • @sa2 he probably means transfer as, the new job / position / new company. He's assuming you're moving from one rental to another, where typically you have to put down a deposit. If you move, it's a common problem that, you need additional money up front to cover the deposit on the new place, even though theoretically if you paid one at the last place you'd get it back. If you didn't pay one at the last place that's okay too. I would just ask them, and explain that you don't have all of the cash up front to complete the move... Or perhaps just take out a personal loan if possible
    – schizoid04
    Jun 25 at 14:48
  • @schizoid04 thanks, but I think that would imply I cannot accept the offer unless they loan me the first month's rent.
    – Sa2
    Jun 25 at 15:06
  • 1
    @Sa2 - You will be amazed what concessions renters will make to fill a vacancy. Having a job offer and proving your ability to pay your rent often will go a long way. You just have to ask for concessions, a full term signed lease, is better than an empty apartment. All you need to do is ask your potential, what would they need so you can prove, you have the ability to pay them once you get paid in the future.
    – Donald
    Jun 25 at 16:12

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