Several months ago i took a job working on a short term project. That project is coming to an end, which means i have to find something new. However, the jobs i'm looking for now are in a different sector where project-based work is not common.

Will companies be scared off by seeing this short time employment on my CV? If so, how can i make it clear that short term work is common in the other sector, and that i would have preferred something more long term?

This is my only work experience, so leaving it off my CV is not an option.


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I don't think companies will be scared off by this, even if their sector doesn't tend to work in fixed projects. I would just ensure you mention that this was a fixed term role, and emphasise the skills you learned/experience you gained as part of it.

For a first job it can actually be tougher to take on a role like this, there is likely to be less hand holding getting into the role, so make sure you make a point of this in your CV, be positive about it.

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