Long story short, I have been with my current company for four years and have received a slight raise a year ago despite having more and more responsibility thrusted onto me. Additionally, because I am the only senior female engineer, I often get blamed for things that my (male) coworkers do that I am not privy to. (Think "boys will be boys" mindset while I have to babysit them and make sure they don't stick their fingers in the light socket else I will get berated.) Add the stress of our top senior engineer leaving, management has been taking their frustrations out on me, so it is not a fun time.

The company is owned by one of the top 10 engineer in our field and I have a very specialized but valuable skill set so I can go anywhere and have started to look for a new job. On top of it, they gave me way too much power and if I leave, they will have no one to run the backend (despite thorough documentation on my part which would ensure anyone could do it if they were inclined - they aren't.).

Two weeks ago, I got into the Master's program which will open up more opportunities to me. I was planning to do it exclusively online and take 3 years rather than two, but I am contemplating bull-rushing it in a year and leaving the company to do it.

Now with this in mind the actual question - since I am the next most senior engineer, I am going to ask for a raise, more PTO, and benefits (I have none while my other coworkers do). I know there is a very slight chance (1-2%) of getting the raise for the above reasons (re: I know they don't see me as a valuable team member) so I plan to take that Master's admission and take a year off for school while looking for a new job.

Because university starts August 23rd and I can sign up for classes until September 10th, if I send in my proposal for a raise today, how long should I wait for a follow-up?

I will need to follow-up as they are massive flakes.

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    We can't answer this question for you - you know your company far better than we do. That said, would you really want to stay even if you get some more money, PTO and benefits? Commented Aug 9, 2021 at 18:15

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if I send in my proposal for a raise today, how long should I wait for a follow-up?

Wait a week before following up.

Don't expect much, but apparently you have nothing to lose.

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