Recently I had an interview but I was not selected at that firm. After few days employee from that firm who referred me asked me if there are any developers with certain amount of experience at my current firm looking for new job whom I can refer to him. He also mentioned the salary for the role.

Given that I currently work here and my company like others are in need of quality and experienced developers should I be helping other company poach employees from my current company?

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    Could you explain the line of thinking that leads to this in any way being a good idea? yesterday
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    @PhilipKendall The reason I asked because employee referrals are common in India where in people get some monetary reward for a successful hire who completes certain period after getting hired. Other reason is because someone from my firm referred me for other job. yesterday
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    @Stupid_Intern Are they offering you that?
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  • @Giacomo1968 He didn't reject me persay, he just referred for the job, the decision to hire or not lies with senior management and HR. He is just an employee there who helped put in a good word for me. 6 hours ago
  • @Giacomo1968 surely there's a gray area between forced to do something and wanting to do it. 5 hours ago

No this is not wise.

The best case is that you lose your most competent co-workers, which is going to make your life harder. The worst case is that your employer finds out, fires you, and trashes your reputation.

You have nothing to gain, and potentially a lot to lose. Don't do this.


The only (partially) legitimate reason is if you want a particular employee pretty much out of your company.

We all know that people of zero or negative usefulness, but boasting a rich CVs do exist. It may happen that some of them share a payroll (and duties) with you. It may even be that the management wants them gone but can't afford or doesn't care enough to fire them.

Of course, this implies you know enough office politics in the first place. I never do, but your mileage may vary.


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