When writing my CV, I noticed my last role (and the other before that) were pretty much like-for-like just at different companies (they weren't taken over, I just left for a better salary)

Should I put it like this

**(Job role)**

*Employer 1 (date-date)*

*Employer 2 (date-date)*

(Job description)

or just as two separate jobs, worded differently even though it was a pretty much identical job?

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This format is more standard in my experience, even if the titles and job requirements are the same. In reverse chronological order:

Employer 1 (date-date)

(Job Title)

(Job Description)

Employer 2 (date-date)

(Job Title)

(Job Description)

  • thank you. that's how it is at the moment, but I was just looking to save a bit of room since I'm applying for jobs of a different role than I had before so it doesn't really seem that relevant. – cantsay Feb 2 '14 at 22:24

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