I am working on updating my resume, and I was thinking about changing how I present my prior job title(s). I want to make clear, I am NOT suggesting overstating my title (saying I was a Manager when I was an Associate).

In this example, I want to use "Senior Marketing Associate" instead of "Senior Digital Marketing Associate".

Would this be a problem or issue for you as a hiring manager?

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    Why would removing details be clearer? Sep 21 at 19:18

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Would this be a problem or issue for you as a hiring manager?

If I were the hiring manager, and during a reference check I found that the company had a different title than you indicated, it would definitely be an issue.

If I thought it was an honest mistake, I might ask you about it. And I would want to hear a convincing reason for the discrepancy.

If I conclude that you were being intentionally deceptive, you wouldn't be invited back.

  • That really depends on the title and responsibilities. The biggest discrepancy I had was when I was a "Junior Accounting Assistant". I had root access to their accounting database and was performing DB index optimization, creating multi-join reports across multiple dozens of tables, and also automating their internal processes. I also had 10 years of experience as a software developer at that time, so it was a bit weird.
    – Nelson
    Sep 22 at 1:11

You would indeed be overstating your title. I don't know a hill of beans about marketing, but I can infer from it that your current duties specifically don't include radio, TV, or print. Depending on how much someone else actually reads your resume (it will vary) they might be turned off to learn later at the interview stage that your experience doesn't include these other areas.

Titles do matter. If you didn't want to get stuck in a narrow title, you might have requested the title change when you started the job.

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