I was given a position in a school and handed notice in many weeks ago. I am due to leave the current position this week.

I was taken on as a full time TA. Now the week I leave my current position I've been told I am now only being taken on "At the moment, due to budgetary considerations, we are only able to offer you a casual appointment".

Can they do this ???? When original email offering me position was for full time position.

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    Did you sign a contract with them? Commented Jan 31 at 19:10
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    If the email is not a signed agreement, then they may change it depending on your location. Which country are you in ? Please add the country tag to your post Commented Feb 1 at 5:13

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To some extent, we need a lot more details here, in particular jurisdiction and whether you actually signed a contract or not (a offer letter is not binding!).

But it honestly doesn't matter too much - even in a jurisdiction with relatively strong workers' rights like the UK1, they can always make you redundant. They might owe you whatever the notice period is in your contract, but that doesn't help you much. If you didn't sign a contract, they owe you nothing.

1. strong compared with places like the US anyway.


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