I'm a project manager's assistant in a small software development enterprise, in part-time training. My tutor is nice but always underestimating by capabilities. I'm not going to stay in this enterprise after my studies are done, so I'm not complaining about it since I won't get a raise, being a part-time trainee.

Last example in date, I have some job to do for which he gave me two weeks; I'm almost done and it took me four days, all while playing a lot of flash game on internet (I'm such a dedicated worker).

Is it ok to use the leftover time to work on my personal projects (mostly meaning studying new frameworks and stuff), or should I talk my boss about giving me more work? Knowing that he already has a good image of me as an employee, thus he won't give me a bad end-training grade.

Sorry for my lacking english skills.

Edit: As explained, there is a slight difference between my case and the one mine is considered a duplicate of: I'm in part-time training, and even though my company is nice and all, I have absolutely no feelings for it, and I won't stay there. It may not make a big difference in answers, though, since this one seems to fit.

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    Hi Kilazur, is there any difference between your question and the duplicate question? If so, edit and flag for reopening - it looks like they are exactly the same question. Thanks! – enderland Sep 2 '14 at 14:51
  • They're slightly different in context: this person is a full-time employee, I'm a part-time trainee. But I guess the output is the same. – Kilazur Sep 3 '14 at 7:22

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