I am on H1B visa in US and working as an application development consultant in a Big company (lets say company A) for 2+ years. For first two years i was an employer of company B working for company A. Then i decided to switch my employer due to some issues. Company A offered me to keep working for them through a different employer i.e. Company C. So i am working for the same client Company A on the same project but i changed employer from Company B to C and got the H1B from new employer. Now my problem is how to show that on my CV. Previously on my CV i mentioned something like:

Company B
Client: Company A
Application Development Consultant .............. ( June 2012 - till date )
ABC is a state-of-the-art financial management application....

Now if i use the same format most of the data will be repetitive. Any help will be greatly appreciated

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This is my suggestion:

Company B (Jun 2012-Jul 2014), Company C (July 2014 - Present)
Client: Company A
Application Development Consultant

Frankly, I'd rather put:

Company A (Jun 2012-Present)
Application Development Consultant to Company A (Jun 2012-Jul 2014)
through Company B and Company C (Jul 2014-Present)

  • Agreed. I would probably choose between those two forms based on which of Company A and Companies B+C provides better name recognition. Massive consulting firms? Go with first option. Small firms consulting to a massive client? Go with the second. Commented Sep 3, 2014 at 1:25

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