I recently interviewed at an agency for a web development internship. It went pretty well, and the interviewer said they'd call me the day after (latest by the afternoon). They said that TWICE during the interview and when I was leaving as well. But it's been two days and still, no call. Should I email and follow up? If so, what should I write in the email? It's frustrating when they make a false commitment like this to call on a specific day and not follow through. They could've at least given me some BS line like "we'll call you if we're interested" then I would've pretty much known that I didn't get it rather than having this false hope.

  • Can we please remove the "duplicate" mark? This is NOT a duplicate as it specifically asks about what do if they the employer told you they would call back by a specific date and time. This is a different question to asking if you should checkup without being told you would get a definite response. I was looking for this question but skipped straight past to the "duplicates" erroneously. – Kallum Tanton Feb 12 '19 at 10:19

When someone tells you that they will call by a certain time, that gives you a reason to follow-up without appearing as though you are pestering them. Typically I use the "I was told..." followed by "...and I haven't heard" as part of my introduction and I've never gotten a negative vibe from anyone I've called like that.

Basically, you're putting them on the defensive and prompting them to respond one way or another without actually making anyone feel defensive. Additionally, it shows your interest in the position. It's the best of both worlds.

I personally think it gets back to the Golden Rule. You want people to follow up with you, so you diligently follow up with them when it's necessary.

  • Thank you Christopher. I have e-mailed them with a brief, polite follow-up message inquiring whether they were still interested in hiring me. Hopefully things go well and they answer in the affirmative. Actually, between the time I asked the question and now, I just got an email from another company inviting me for an interview (feels good haha)! Either way, I'm not giving up! Thanks! – CuriousGeorge Oct 23 '14 at 20:54

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