I applied online for an analyst position at a bank but received no feedback except an automatic reply that the application was received. A few weeks later I was contacted by a recruitment agency about a different role in the same company, I have since interviewed for that role and been successful, and are now proceeding to the offer stage and signing the contracts. Would by previous application affect the offer, since they had my resume prior to being introduced by the recruiter? Or should I not say anything because they are different roles? Will the company HR even find out?

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The recruiter must be using a different avenue. I'd say that your recruiter earned their money since whoever got your resume at the bank is sitting on that resume.

Make sure that you tell the recruiter what you did earlier so that everything is above board and in the clear.


I dont see this as being an issue. I work for a large corporation and all the paperwork we have, including online resumes and personal application requests, it would be highly unlikely for them to ever create any sort of issue with your first resume. From personal experience I think it will get lost in the shuffle.

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