I received my job contract by post and also a warm welcoming letter. I have to send back the signed contract by post. Just want to know should I also include a warm thank you note? Is it professional? Or send back the contract only?


Short answer: No, you don't need to send a warm cover letter, but a brief cover letter is fine.

The letter of offer will be a form letter from HR. You only need to send back the signed contract and leave it at that.

However, if you want to you can add a short cover letter stating you have accepted the contract and you are looking forward to commencing your new position. But that's entirely up to you :)

  • I'd settle fir "great! Thanks! looking forward to it!" ... unless there are questions you still need answers to, in which case this is a good time to ask them. – keshlam Apr 29 '15 at 12:24

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