Yesterday was my first day working retail, and I absolutely hated it. Management is rude, the older employees are snobby, and the customers ignore you and are overall really hard to work with. I know that I could stick it out and it'll probably get better and easier with time, but why do that when I have other employers calling me for interviews? I might like those jobs better and I might get a higher rate of pay. What's the best way to resign from the retail job if I choose to? I read that you're supposed to leave a letter, but I'm not sure if something that formal is necessary for this type of job.

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First day in a throw away non-career job, you are fine doing it over the phone. "Hey manager, I don't think retail is for me. Lets end this now and save you wasting money on training me." Don't bother puting it on your resume or asking for references.

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