So In a weeks time I will be leaving my current company and heading to fields a new (kind of, will explain further in)

The company I work for is a client of the company I am moving to, this was set up by my old boss (who moved to the company I am moving to) and my current boss the MD of my current company.

On the first day what is the best way to "Start", I know this is slightly subjective, but is there such a thing as a truly objective question when it comes to employment?

To help make it easier to Answer I work in England I will be working in an I.T based support office for a major but small software company.

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If you didn't already ask during a possible interview, you could start by asking what they expect you to accomplish in the first 3-6 months. And of course which software is used and which technologies you should get acquainted with to do the job well.

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