How do I go about listing two separte projects for the same employer on the resume? My first project was implementing web services for a java enterprise application, and second project was implementing APIs for Android. Projects don't relate to each other so I cannot take approach suggested by this thread. At the moment I have both projects listed as bullet points.

Company Name
-First project
-Second project

I would suggest you to just include the project names, with a single line explanation of each in the employment section, like this:

Software Engineer at XYZ (June '11 - July '15)

________Your responsibilities, etc go here_____________

Projects led/been a part of (<-- whichever is relevant)

  1. Project1's name: implemented web services for a java enterprise application. (<-- Only a single line)
  2. Project2's name: implemented APIs for Android.

Then, in the Projects section, include the Projects with 3-4 bullets about each project.

This would help projects get noticed as part of your experience in the company, as well as let you include them with details.

  • Thanks for the great suggestion. If I apply the suggested method then would I have to modify my previous experience as well? Since my previous jobs are listed more in terms of bullets and not in a separate project section. Background: All my professional experience is as software engineer intern. My previous internships had one project per internship, however my current internship had two projects. Also currently under my projects section I have my personal and academic projects. – atom Oct 3 '15 at 8:21
  • No, you don't have to modify previous experience. A simple difference would be this exp. would have a single line. For example: Have led/been a part of __Project1__ and _Project2_ Include the projects details in the projects section, rather than in the experience section. The Experience section, should just have the company name, your role, and the names of the projects. – Dawny33 Oct 3 '15 at 8:26

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