I have applied for a job mid-September with a closing date of 18th September. I then emailed the recruitment team on 6th October to understand a bit more about the status of my application, they said: "A final decision has not been made with regards to your application. We will be in touch once a decision has been made"

It has now been a month and still no reply, Can I email them again to find out? is it best to just wait as Iam told the process for such big company can take up to 3 months?

Plus, on their website my application is still showing as "Submitted"

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    Welcome to the site elodie. I feel like your questions may be answered by some of the answers on this question: How can I check on the progress of an application?. Can you have a look and see if that's the case? If not, could you explain (in a comment or an edit to your post) how your question is different?
    – Lilienthal
    Nov 5 '15 at 12:27

You can definitely email them for a status update but usually a big company will not send emails out on application status for everyone. Who knows, they might reach out to you months later.

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