Currently I handle multiple different applications on a client.

Is it better to write down the client name only or list down each applications that handled by me (currently 3) in my resume?

  • Yes correct. This client has some projects for their multiple products on my company which handled by me.
    – Lewis
    Apr 28 '16 at 14:37

Generally I'd say client name followed by a bullet list of the apps with a very short description (single sentence) of what you did on that app.


If the technology or skill sets you applied to different apps varies, you may want to itemize them. Example:

  • Purchase app handled credit card payments
  • Analysis app worked with big data.
  • Field worker app gathers data using various hardware integration

Otherwise, if they're just: accounts receivable, payable and customer management, just indicate there were 3 to show the scope of the project and there's no need to offer much detail. Focus more on the skills and technology used.

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