I have to write a formal mail to my employer and I need to advise my employer that there were some delays with the documents requested. I would like to inform him that I am trying to get the certificate before my leaving (because I am currently out of the country) and otherwise I have to wait until that the custom office will send it to me in a week. I've be trying to write it in this way.

There were delays with the Birth certificate, maybe I am going to get it tomorrow before my leaving or they will send it to me in a week

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Issues with hairy (sensitive) personal information and pertaining necessary documentation like this are better sorted out via a phone call, or better yet, in person. Since in person is out of the question, try a phone call. Be honest.

If it has to be a email write something like this:

Greetings $employer,

Due to administrative issues with obtaining my birth certificate, I am sadly unable to provide it to you until $date. I hope this is acceptable to you. If you have inquiries or issues regarding this, feel free to message me.


Things about writing an email:

  • Be concise
  • Be honest
  • Don't sugarcoat reality.

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