I'm a french student in industrial engineering, working in apprenticeship and I would like to go abroad for my first job. I heard, from another's company employee, they are searching for an industrial engineer for a 2 years mission in USA. However, I can't find this post on their website. I would like to submit a spontaneous application, but how should I write, in my cover letter, I want to apply only if a can go abroad ?


Just do it.

Mention that you heard from another employee about this job. There is nothing wrong with that.

And if the heading of your cover letter contains something like:

Application for industrial engineer for 2 years mission in USA

it is aboundently clear that you only want this job if you can go abroad.

  • Agreed. A lot of companies have a rather weird HR department when it comes to recruiting people. They are not always aware what job ads they have on other sites. However, applying for a company is never bad. I've applied to MANY companies that had no job offers and most of them were interested in me. Meaning I had a royal choice in where I wanted to work. – Migz May 3 '16 at 11:01

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