I been offered a job and few things that concerns me while signing the contract, things like while i was in there,

the pay was told 24k, but in contract it said 22k

, moreover the contract says,

"You will be required to provide 24/7 out of hours on-call support. When on-call you will not be entitled to additional pay as this is incorporated into your pay detailed above."

also i was confused to read the following, don't know what it means

If you work more than six consecutive hours per day you are entitled to a 30 minute unpaid break.

and the following


The Company may require you to perform a reasonable amount of work in addition to

your normal hours of work, depending on the needs of the business. You are entitled to

receive your normal rate of pay for the hours worked.

For the avoidance of doubt, any overtime worked over and above your guaranteed

hours is included within your salary. No additional payment is made for overtime.

Short-Time Working and Lay Off:

The Company reserves the right to introduce short time working on proportionately

reduced pay or a period of temporary lay off without pay (with the exception of any

statutory entitlement) where this is necessary to avoid redundancies, where work cannot

be performed due to exceptional circumstances, or where there is a shortage of work.

I had been working 28k on my last job, but as they offered me this and i don't like to sit idle, i wanted to accept but what the clauses says are somewhat a little unsettling.

What points should I keep in mind, when accepting a offer?

Edit : They also will keep 1 week salary and will release when one leave the company

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Terrible contract, it basically shaves your income whether you work more, or work less. $2000 disparity in the offer and the contract is a big red flag as well. A company that is going to trim their workers this much and in this many ways is a bad place to work for. You're unlikely to have much job satisfaction.

My advice would be to keep looking for work unless you are desperate.


Run away from this contract.

Leaving aside the unpaid overtime and the discrepancy in salary, the 24/7 on call is worse. What it means is that at any time they expect you to drop what you are doing and go to work. Doesn't matter if you are asleep, on vacation, at your brother's wedding, or your wedding. They get your time. And for ripping your social and family life to shreds they give you nothing.

The short time working clause is also open to abuse. It means they can make you work 80 hours one week and give you no extra money, and the next week tell you they have no work and cut your pay to zero.

Now it may be they didn't mean that, but it's what the contract says so they can enforce it. It may be you can get them to rewrite the contract, but don't take this one.

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    It's customary that you get paid a small hourly amount for being on call, that is for not doing work but being available, plus normal overtime payment for actually doing the work. Which means you are the only one having no beer at your barbecue and so on. Being on call 24/7 is ridiculous. And because they are not paying for overtime, he would not only be on call 24/7, but would have to work for free 24/7. – gnasher729 May 31 '16 at 9:39

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