What is the proper way of asking HR about the career path/development opportunities regarding a position you've been offered?

Here's how I'm thinking of wording my question:


Could you please tell me more about the career path? What sort of trajectory
is normally for this position and opportunities I can have for personal

For my particular case, it's at a tech company but it would great to hear from others the best ways of inquiring about non-technical aspects such as this.


The template email you have written is a good place to start. You can also ask the same of your hiring manager. Talk to current employees. For entry level interviews, you will usually get a lunch buddy. Generally your lunch buddy is not a part of the hiring process and a good opportunity to ask more candid questions about career advancement. Talk to former employees as well, if you know any, or look through reviews on Glassdoor.


Find out if HR dept has a website (internal/extrenal) and you may find that the process is explained there.

Good luck!

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