I'm ending the recruiting process in company A. Another company B is starting the process. I want Company B speeding up the process so I could choose the best fit offer to me.

Shuld I request recruiter of Company B to speed up the process because I'm in advance process in Company A ?


You may politely inform them when you receive an offer from Company A, and ask whether you're a contender for their position as well. If yes, maybe they can make up their minds right away whether to hire you or not.

Anything else is unreasonable, in my opinion.

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Recruiters usually expect you to be engaged in processes with other companies. Some recruiters might even ask you about them, it happened to me quite a few times. You shouldn't ask Company B to speed up though. Just tell them you have an offer from Company A (if that's the case), and they will act in consequence : if they want you, they'll do what's needed. If you don't have an offer yet, then just tell them you've been in contact with A if they ask. But asking them to hurry will most likely make you look rude, impatient and/or presomptuous.

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