A recruiter has an agreement to find applicants for a company. I, the job applicant, called the recruiter telling them that I am the best person for the job, and hand him a resume. The recruiter sends my resume to the company

I search the company's database for open jobs in the hope that their opening is public, but it is not. This ends my hope of contacting the company directly about the job, because then I would be stepping on recruiters toes. However, the company has another job opening available that is public. These job openings are in the same department.

Do I the company directly about this job, or do I delegate the work to to the recruiter for this public job opening? Keep in mind that job candidates that apply through personal connections are generally more likely to earn the job than those that applied simply through a job application.

THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE. This concerns another job opening by the same company. Would it be okay to bypass the recruiter because the recruiter is not aware that this job opening is available?


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Let the recruiter handle your case.

Why ? Just because if you apply and that news falls into R's hands, he will think you don't trust him, and will end up closing all the possibilities to work for the company.

Just wait for him to do his job, and that will be fine, no need to answer the job application when you have a better entry, and to risk something you don't want to see happening.

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