Hope its a right place for asking this type of question, if not, please point to right place.

Here we go ..

Lets say a programmer has skills in mobile applications development (like Android, iOS) and also in Front-end / Back-end web development (like Angular, Node.js and PHP + MongoDB). In all areas he has experience from 3-5 years.

So what sort of developer is he?

  • Some people say: Full-stack developer that covers Front-end / Back-end developer.

  • Some people say: Senior developer but for me it doesn't make sense because 12 years as .Net developer is also Senior

Senior Mobile and Full-stack developer? it seems messy

Can someone spread the light on this issue?

  • The general case is answered on the post David linked. Specific titles are usually off-topic here. VTC – Lilienthal Jun 30 '16 at 14:42

I had the same issue when building my CV, and solved it using a "speciality" line. Typically, your job title would look like

Full stack developer

Specialist in mobile development

I would avoid to put "senior" in the title as this is covered by experience, and doesn't explain what is the profession of the candidate.


In addition to all the other answers, if this is someone who has wide ranging experience in different languages, and likely not to be limited to that either i.e. her/his scope may grow with need if projects they work on come to require it, I would simply call her/him:


Reason being that they need to develop using a language and tools that achieve a given project's deliverable. It is only in their roles on a particular project that specifics of what they will specialize shall be fully described.

This is different from someone like:

SQL Developer, Mobile Developer, VB Developer, or Web Developer

Because these have limited scope, and only likely to grow within the field prefixed.


I would say "Full Stack Web & App Developer" because just Full Stack + mobile would still read as just Web to me personally. App development tends to be called out separately. If I just saw "mobile", I'd think responsive websites etc.

  • There might not be need to be specific about it, when the work is likely general. – Pilling Fine Jun 30 '16 at 14:44

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