Hope its a right place for asking this type of question, if not, please point to right place.

Here we go ..

Lets say a programmer has skills in mobile applications development (like Android, iOS) and also in Front-end / Back-end web development (like Angular, Node.js and PHP + MongoDB). In all areas he has experience from 3-5 years.

So what sort of developer is he?

  • Some people say: Full-stack developer that covers Front-end / Back-end developer.

  • Some people say: Senior developer but for me it doesn't make sense because 12 years as .Net developer is also Senior

Senior Mobile and Full-stack developer? it seems messy

Can someone spread the light on this issue?

  • The general case is answered on the post David linked. Specific titles are usually off-topic here. VTC – Lilienthal Jun 30 '16 at 14:42

I had the same issue when building my CV, and solved it using a "speciality" line. Typically, your job title would look like

Full stack developer

Specialist in mobile development

I would avoid to put "senior" in the title as this is covered by experience, and doesn't explain what is the profession of the candidate.

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In addition to all the other answers, if this is someone who has wide ranging experience in different languages, and likely not to be limited to that either i.e. her/his scope may grow with need if projects they work on come to require it, I would simply call her/him:


Reason being that they need to develop using a language and tools that achieve a given project's deliverable. It is only in their roles on a particular project that specifics of what they will specialize shall be fully described.

This is different from someone like:

SQL Developer, Mobile Developer, VB Developer, or Web Developer

Because these have limited scope, and only likely to grow within the field prefixed.

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I would say "Full Stack Web & App Developer" because just Full Stack + mobile would still read as just Web to me personally. App development tends to be called out separately. If I just saw "mobile", I'd think responsive websites etc.

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  • There might not be need to be specific about it, when the work is likely general. – Pilling Fine Jun 30 '16 at 14:44

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