I'm an IT professional, who has worked in different positions, in different companies for the last 8 years. Since March, I've transitioned to an Independent Freelancing Consultant Role, where I provide consultancy to several Different organizations.

What I mean by this, is that I'm not working at any one place full time. I might work for Company A for 15 hours/Week, Company B for 15 hours/Week & Company C for 10 hours/week. Some of the consulting Gigs are short term, about 2 months. To confirm, I've not founded, nor own any LLC or similar.

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When I go to add this position on Linkedin, I see that the Company Name is required, and It seems that there is no good way to add this kind of information to my Linkedin profile.

How do I indicate this role on Linkedin, and add all the skills, and roles?

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    Just put Freelance Consulting in there. Your work will be bulleted underneath so no one will care that it's not an official company name. Jul 16, 2016 at 5:42

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How do I indicate this role on Linkedin

In the Company Name field, put "Self-employed".

In the Title field, just put "Independent Freelance Consultant".

In the Description field, add detailed explanation of this role.

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