"I have been released from my project with effect from 1st Aug’16. Now I’m expecting some challenging project in SQL Server/ SSIS. My first preference would be SQL SERVER. Also looking for some onsite opportunity."

Above is the message I want to convey to my manager. Things can be achieved easily if we approach it correctly. Now im trying to approach my manager, but im not satisfied with my words. Please help me out to covey the above message politely


When I read that draft, pretending to be your manager:   I don't know what you're saying. I don't know what you are asking me to do. You haven't phrased it in a way that I can act upon.

Does not the person whom you are addressing already know that you have been or will be released from your current project? So, exactly why are you making this communication? What do you intend to say to me, and what do you intend to achieve?

When you say, "I am expecting," did you mean to say, "I am asking for?" Are you saying that you believe that, of all the many projects in my in-basket that I could next assign you to, there's a particular reason why I would be wise to choose for you a project that involves SQL Server? "Then, say that." Use "action words."

Simply re-phrase your note as a reminder (if you think a reminder is necessary), followed by an actionable request. A request that makes it clear both why you are asking and what action you are requesting on my part.

My reply would then perhaps sound non-commital: "Thank you for telling me this. I will take it under consideration."

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