I am highly stressed from my internship. I can list down the reasons as follows:

  • I have to travel around 1 hour and 15 minutes. (They provide transport but when I go to lecturs I travel using public transport and I am very tired by the time I go to lectures. When I have evening lecturs I am always late to lectures)

  • I work from 8.30 a.m. to at least 6.00 pm, often 8.00 p.m and sometimes 9.30 p.m. I also remotely log in to the office machine and work till midnight (sometimes 2.00 am - 3.00 am) and weekends too as I can't meet the deadlines. Some days I stay because they ask me to stay and finish work. I am self learning and coding. And I face to lot of technical issues everyday.

  • I am following my degree part time and I do not have time to complete assignments, attend lecturers properly and most of all to study for exams. Earlier when I did my degree full time my GPA was 3.93 and now It is 3.73 where I am almost losing my first class.

  • I can't meet the deadlines as my deadlines were the same as the Software Engineer, SSE and Tech lead although I am an Intern.

  • I do not have any value there. The rpoject Manager always blames me.


In my code there was an If condition inside another If condition, he blamed me in front of everyone for writing the code like that. Why can't you simply use && operator. My reply was "Okay, Mr. X. I will write like that next time onward." His reply was "You came here for a job after you learnt programming basics and this is not a place for you to learn."

Once he told me I am acting like a Mickey Mouse who can't take responsibility because I am missing deadlines. He said that even his supervisor has noticed that I am missing deadlines. But I put my full effort.

  • None of the team members show any respect to me. They are like, "Move to QA or BA, SE is not something for you." It is okay. I also agree with that now. But I also have self respect. They simply pass hints to me.
  • I do not have time to talk with my family or friends.
  • I cry almost everyday at office washroom or after I come home thinking about what happened at office.

This is one of the best companies in my country and I have friends in other departments and projects. I am afraid how to manage with everything if I left this internship early.

How can I face office and university friends? What should be my answer for resigning?

Will this affect me finding a career in future after completing the degree.

It is almost 4 months now and to complete it I have to remain 2 more months here. I really can't survive like this for 2 more months. Sometimes I even feel like suicide when I am stuck at work and studies.

Someone please give me advice on this.

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    It sounds like flat out slavery here. Any organisation that demands 12 - 15 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week is not worth working for under any circumstances. Especially for an internship, which may or may not be a paid role. – Jane S Sep 12 '16 at 6:10
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    @Paparazzi What do you think? Make the edit or refrain from commenting with nothing of value. // OP: I'm voting to close this as your question doesn't fit our site well since we prefer clearly focused question with a central question. If you want specific strategies on resigning an internship before its completion we can answer that, but the company you're with sound so unreasonable that it's unlikely to be useful for you. "this is not a place for you to learn" is a crystal clear sign that the company is abusing interns as cheap labour and you should get out asap. – Lilienthal Sep 12 '16 at 7:21
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    Talk to your friends and family for support, contact a helpline if you're feeling depressed, check if there are any counseling services at your university where you can ask for help, whether it's with dealing with your studies or this internship. If the Uni played a role in you getting this internship they'll almost certainly want to know what this company is doing to its interns (but keep in mind that not all unis are that professional). – Lilienthal Sep 12 '16 at 7:22
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    We'd need to know what country you're in, and whether you're being paid for being an intern or if you're unpaid. – PeteCon Sep 12 '16 at 15:19
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Firstly, never take any criticism in workplace personally. Just say you understood your mistakes and will learn from them, and nothing more. Obviously, your project manager is not acting professionally by doing things like these. And if the project manager is acting in a negative manner, this negative manner will also be the general attitude of the project team. This is why they say, project managers should have good interpersonal skills. Yours does not have and you and the whole team is suffering because of this. What can you do? Talk with the project manager about your problems in a face-to-face-meeting.

Secondly, one hour+ home-workplace-distance is long. Consider moving to nearer to the company if you want to stay there. Also, try to get a position in another department oder team within the company if you really want to stay there. However, as a SE, even a junior one, you should not have any problems finding another job at another company. Start looking for that and finish these last two months of internship, with at least friction as possible. It will rise your chances to find a job at another company or another department. Do not resign, talk with your project manager first. If he does not listen to you, escalate the problem to his/her supervisor.

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    "one hour+ home-workplace-distance is long" - clearly you do not live in a major city where this would by typical to short. – Dale M Sep 12 '16 at 7:17

First, I advise you to not quit the internship. You can make it through 2 more months. Mark the days on a calendar and cheerily check them all off. This place has a lot to teach you and none of it is about coding. You need to learn to navigate the workplace and learn to stick up for yourself. You need to learn that what is expected in terms of a project is what is expected and that there will be no slack given because you are an intern or a junior dev as far as things like deadlines.

If others are telling you that you should not be in software development, be aware that may be a result of you being slower than they expected or it could simply be prejudice. Women in IT are often shoved into the specialites the men don't want to do. So don't let that make you lose confidence in yourself.

Interns often face a difficulties in the workplace because they have not learned to work at a professional pace with deadlines and project managers and all the messy complexity of real life work. In school things are simplified. Almost all interns have culture shock on hitting the real world.

Use the commute to study. Don't worry about time to talk to family or friends right now. They will still be there in 2 months.

Talk to your manager about how you can improve. Listen to him and try to do what he asks. Yes I know he is a jerk, many managers are. But he is the only person you need to please at this job, so start learning skills on how to talk to your manager and how to adjust your way of working to what he wants. Have him help prioritize your workload. Then you know what to complete first.

Tell the team members who tell you to move to QA that they can go take a hike. It is none of their business what you do with your career and you can ignore their petty behavior.

You need to toughen up. The workplace is harsh. Listen to performance critiques and try to improve, but don't take things so personally. You are an intern, it is somewhat expected that you will not be perfect. So yes they will criticize to make your do better, but it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with your abilities that time and experience won't fix. Running away when things get tough, however is a very bad choice and it will affect your career greatly.

Take heart - there are better places to work and you can find them in the future. But first get through this. You will be proud of yourself when you complete this internship. You need the experience to help get a job after you graduate. Failing to complete an internship will mean that you will have lower quality job opportunities when you graduate. Keep your eye on that prize instead of concentrating on the day-to-day.

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