I had a job offer and to start the onboarding procedures my employer sent me a soft-copy of the contract by email. I signed it and sent it back by email. The employer also sent me an hard-copy of the contract by normal post. The hard-copy had some other documents I had to fill and send back within a given date. The problem is that I received the hard-copy only 2 days ago and I should have sent everything back yesterday. As I am still working at my current job (notice period) I did not manage to be on time with the delivery.

What to do? Would this negatively affect my future job?

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    If you are concerned reach out to the receiver and let them know you are mailing them ASAP.
    – JasonJ
    Oct 13, 2016 at 15:48

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Assuming you manage to complete it today, you will be one day late. Since the time it takes for mail to be delivered can vary by more than a day, this probably won't even be noticeable.

If you are quite worried about it, just pay a little extra to send it by a premium mail service that can get it there the next day.


Exceeding your deadlines before you even started the job doesn't make the best first impression, but it should be acceptable. I am not your future boss, though. People are different.

Accepting the work contract by email should be enough to form a valid work contract in most places (IANAL).

You might still want to give them a call to inform them that you are still on it and haven't forgotten about it yet.

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    If the company makes a big deal about failing to meet a one day turn-around for paperwork, while the OP is still employed elsewhere, they aren't making a great first impression either...
    – user45590
    Oct 13, 2016 at 14:47

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