In my company, we are using Skype as a chat tool, and Outlook for e-mail reasons.

I remember having had a discussion with a collegue, but I've forgotten if we had the discussion on e-mail or chat, which makes it difficult to search for it.

One possible solution for such an issue is "Unified Communications", which is a system for unifying all communication channels (chat, e-mail, IP telephones, ...) on one platform.

I would like to know about how to introduce this technology in my company (requirements, cost, profit, ...), but I have no idea where to begin.

Can anybody give me a starting point (and in case this is the wrong forum, can anybody redirect me)?

For your information: I'm working in a smaller company (±50 people worldwide), I'm a regular employee (I can't take big decisions, but advises from employees are taken seriously by management)
Thanks in advance

  • What's your role in the company, and how big is your company? – Philip Kendall Nov 8 '16 at 10:39
  • @PhilipKendall: I've adapted my question according to your remark. – Dominique Nov 8 '16 at 10:49
  • My Skype for business conversations are stored in Outlook 2013 as "Conversation History." Maybe the company just needs to update veresions? I know our phone system is also Skype/VOIP. – mkennedy Nov 8 '16 at 20:24

As Joe Strazzere mentioned in the comments on your question, this is a question for your IT team (even if it's ony one person).

My short answer for enforcing it is that you won't be able to unless upper management is willing to completetely embrace the new strategy as well as discourage use of previous communications (Good Luck).

Having gone through the pain of trying to unify comminications onto one platform after the company grew past 100 employees, I recommend you bring it up wiht them now instead of later.

It is somewhat doubtful that you'll be able to convince anyone to give up either chat or email, so you're still stuck having to search multiple places even if they're on the same platform (unless you currently have multiple competing systems, for example, skype & google hangouts).

That being said, things like Slack and the brand-new Microsoft Teams aspire to unify communications in the way you hope, but getting people to adopt it will be like pulling teeth if you have people in your company who have used email and IM for decades.


I started to write about the specific subject but finally I think that's not even the point.

You lost a piece of information, retrieve by asking to the person who gave it to you is usually easy. If not, you should have write it down somewhere where it's usefull.

The cost of changing this will be high and pretty much not worth the trouble. You're asking lot of change just for a nice to have not something you really need. If you think your company really need that, start by having strong argument about the necessity of having this.

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