I am Taiwanese, I've stayed and worked about 10 years in the US, and decided to comeback my country this summer.

Frankly, the reason I decided to come back to Taiwan is that I wasn't happy with my life in the US and I missed my family. Moreover my dad underwent a huge operation, and I made a quick decision to come back home to stay with him. Luckily, he got well.

I started to look for a job in Asia. Since I want to keep my international work experiences and staying in Asia makes me feel relieved. (Stay close to my family)

I'm scheduled for a job interview with a company in China (Mainland),

If they asked me:

Why did you move back to your country /leave the US?

Should I answer them the reason honestly? I'm afraid that the hiring manager might think that I am emotionally weak or can't handle personal matters and my personal matters affect my work life.

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    In your case, you left for all the right reason. The truth will set you free. – Mister Positive Dec 13 '16 at 13:04

Honestly I'm glad you're a person that cares about your parents. Regarding to your question, I'd answer:

My main reason to come home was to take care of my parents, because my dad had to get a huge surgery. They used to take care of me, and now I could give them something in return. Also, after spending so much time abroad I can now give my experience and knowledge back to China.

In my opinion you'll look like a person with a remarkable character and strong convictions. Isn't family life very important in China? The company will probably understand.


In your case the truth is a perfectly reasonable explanation, so use it, you have no need for subterfuge.

  • And would you really want to work for a company that had a problem with you coming home to deal with a family emergency? So if they don't pick you only because of this, I'd say you dodged a bullet. – HLGEM Dec 14 '16 at 22:39

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