I started a job in 2013, but mistakenly put the start year down as 2014 in my resume. If anything, it makes my gig looks shorter. In general, would this be a problem for background check?

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    People make mistakes. Contact the folks who have that copy of the resume, apologise for not catching the error sooner, and give them the correction.
    – keshlam
    Commented Jan 13, 2017 at 4:16

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If anyone contacts you with the old resume, assuming you are tracking where you sent your resume, let them know of the minor error at that time. It should not be a big deal if your qualifications match what they are looking for especially since this error appears to be in your favor.

I would not call them up and say I made a mistake until it becomes important to do so.

It goes without saying to correct the mistake on your resume ;-)


I think you should we honest. Better reedit it and check everything clearly. You should ask someone to help check. Contact them and ask whether you should send a new edited resume. Be quick!

Read this your more and other ideas.

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Good luck to you.

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