I have signed a contract to work for a company. Due to some management issue on their side, the start date has been delayed for a month or two. Even though a company is very responsive to my queries, we still don't know when the exact start date will be.

During that time, I am approached by the second company to interview for a senior position. The interview is successful and I am now offered a position which pays a lot more than the one offered by the first company.

Personally, I still want to work for the first company, better location and more interesting projects, but prefer to renegotiate in order to have a better salary. Hence, my question is whether it is possible and professional to contact the first company, let them know that I want to renegotiate the salary since there is another company that offers me a better one.

  • I feel this question deviates sufficiently due to the aspect of an indefinitely delayed start date.
    – Kempeth
    Apr 11, 2017 at 10:09

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I have the impression that you're facing the following dilemma:

  1. you want to work for company A (starting date unknown, salary acceptable, location excellent) but use contract from company B to improve the salary
  2. you want to start working ASAP and company B comes in handy (known starting date, excellent salary, acceptable location)
  3. you want to work for company A at all costs (you don't mind waiting, you accept the salary)

Consider the following:

  • ad. 1. - if they really want you, they can do much to have you on board (fix starting date, throw more money). But they might as well say "than go to company B". You may win, you may lose.

  • ad. 2. - if you communicate your choice to company A wisely, they might try to get you on board. The question is - can they convince you to change your mind?

  • ad. 3. - simply bite the bullet and wait for the things to settle down at company A.

Long story short - company A is not flawless here - they shed a considerable amount of uncertainty. Use this as the reason for walk-away message if you chose for option 1 or 2. But if you hear "then go", do your best and not look at company B as a punishment.

I with you to make a satisfactory choice.


I wouldn't consider it professional to renegotiate your salary simply because you have a better offer on the table.

But you don't have a start date with C1 and - or so I assume - you do have one with C2. I feel this gives you a legitimate approach to at least open up a dialogue.

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