I got the written job offer exactly 3 weeks ago in a government company, they said that they will come back with a contract offer but I have not heard anything from them since then.

I need to find out, because this means that I have to relocate and find accommodation. I'm thinking of sending an email asking them about what the situation is currently. Should I do that and is there anything else I should do?


Yes I'd say that it would be a good idea to follow up at this point - 3 weeks isn't an insanely long period of time, especially in government bureaucracies contracts can take a while to work their way through the machinery but it's starting to push it and I wouldn't like to leave it longer really. Send a polite e-mail inquiring as when you can expect a contract through, if you don't get a reply to that in a day or two I'd consider escalating with a phone call if you have a contact number.

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