My current role is a cushy one but I don't think staying in for five years is healthy because it would cause prolonged senility. All the colleagues surrounded me were kind but they all showed symptoms of lethargy. None has ever not complained that they stayed for too long. Additional "challenges" were just dirty workload that they do not want to get their hands on and that they just threw it to me.

By the end of November I would have been working in my present office for three years. All my previous employments were in a totally different industry but were all terrible as I hopped across too many organizations. My credentials weren't fantastic either, as I have only a general business degree and I am turning 30s this year. I am a single woman.

I firmly wish to work overseas but the chances of getting an overseas job is sky-high. I've attempted all methods internally but none were given. Should I bear for another five more months before I quit or should I just grab the next opportunity (local job) when it sets on my footstep?

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  • what field is this? – Fattie Jun 29 '17 at 1:13
  • I am in oil and gas industry. – Anonymous123 Jun 29 '17 at 1:15
  • How does working 5 more months improve your chances of getting a job overseas? – Masked Man Jun 29 '17 at 1:16
  • 1
    Keep trying for the overseas job! What did you do this week to search one - try harder! – Fattie Jun 29 '17 at 1:24
  • 1
    @Anonymous123 Right, but why 5 months specifically? Why not 3 months or 6 months? What is the significance of 3 years? – Masked Man Jun 29 '17 at 3:53

I don't think it makes a difference. The reason people advocate staying for at least 1 year with an employer is that "job hopping" (frequent stints of a couple of months) may raise red flags for prospective employers.

Since you've already held your job for 2+ years, there's no reason to stay there "just because". (Unless there's some company-specific reason like getting a bonus or something.)

Keep searching for a new job and don't quit until you got accepted (or things get really bad). If your current employment for some reason makes it more likely (same industry etc.) to find your dream job overseas, you may want to stay there until you either find that dream job or a job that's likely to increase these chances. If you've done a lot of job hopping before, take care not to fall back into old habits.

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