While looking through my emails, I noticed a 2 week old email informing me of a job opportunity with a nearby company.

I'm unsure how I should respond to the job opportunity now that two weeks have passed. Do I apologize for my late response? Should I ask if the position is still available? Is it unprofessional to respond after so much time has passed?

In short, how should I reply to a job opportunity if my email response is more than two weeks late?

Note: This question is different from How do I reply to a late job opportunity?, which asks about responding to a late job offer from a potential employer, while this question asks about sending a late response as a potential employee.

  • Usually two weeks is nothing: recruitment is a remarkably slow process. So you should be OK. Answer with the usual enthusiasm and professionalism as if you were answering normally. You could maybe add at the end of the email add "Sorry for the delay in reply". There is, essentially, absolutely of excuse unfortunately these days for missing emails, so it's best not to try to excuse yourself.
    – Fattie
    Jul 8, 2017 at 14:06

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You don't lose anything if you ask.

Just acknowledge to the sender your delay (and maybe the reason), and ask if the position is still open. In the worst case scenario you just get a no - or no answer at all.

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